Elinchrom Zoom Action Head




Elinchrom Zoom Action Flash Head Features

  • The Zoom Action offers a 40 – 45% shorter flash duration compared to standard omega (horse shoe type) flash tubes. The single, twin electrode flash tube ensures an even light distribution
  • Small UV coated flash tube diameters for short flash durations and better subject control
  • New user replaceable plug-in flash tube
  • Now with included transparent, security glass dome
  • Efficient built-in reflector, with a 90deg. light distribution to maximize softbox performance, in addition there is a zoom function for flash tube and modeling lamp for a individual wider or more focused light beam when used with reflectors
  • Reflector-bayonet with breech locking ring, fits all Elinchrom reflectors. Huge EL-Reflector and ROTALUX softbox range
  • Centered umbrella fitting with additional umbrella holder at the tilt head
  • Efficient low noise fan cooling. The fan spins slowly at low temperatures and fast when the head heats up
  • Illuminated on/off modeling lamp switch, with overheat LED indication, which shuts off the modeling lamp until the head cooled down
  • Aluminum chassis with fire resistant housing
  • Extremely lightweight, including the 5 m heavy-duty flash cable
  • The Zoom Heads can be either used with 110 V or 230 V Elinchrom power packs. Just the Halogen modeling lamp must conform to the correct voltage

Condition: Like new, unpacked, only test shoots. 

Warranty: Nil.

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