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Studio Lighting Photography

Studio Portrait Photography

Studio Portrait Photography

Studio Portrait Lighting Workshop

Understanding how light works is very important for every photographer. It is the basic requirement for creating your very own principle rules apart from the fundamentals photography rules and expanding your vision. Now that you have your new camera, learned all the photography fundamentals, is time for some creativity light works. This is a one to one hands-on workshop allow you to gain knowledge about the concepts of studio lighting. Conduct in a very relaxing learning environment with on hand offering tips and pointers with both lighting, composition, and model direction. Model will be included in the workshop. Participants are recommended to have some basic camera fundamentals knowledge in order to proceed with this workshop. A total of 4 parts will be covered. Overview of the workshop:

  1. Introduction of the studio strobes, light modifiers, and accessories.
  2. Hands on set up of lighting starting from a single light source and how to shoot with only one light source.
  3. Hands on set up of multiple light source photography.
  4. A basic lighting set up assignment for participant.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

Please note: Bookings are secured on payment.

Location: DStudioLab Photography

Fees: S$288.00

Payment: i-banking or paypal

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