Studio Photography Group Workshop #7 (Rated M18)

DStudioLab Photography Workshop

DStudioLab Photography Workshop

Theme: Low Key Model Photography in Studio

DStudioLab Photography Workshop

DStudioLab Photography Workshop

Monthly DStudioLab Workshop

Date: 21 May 2017, Sunday.

Time: 11am to 2pm.

The best way to learn studio lighting is practise, practise, and practise. That’s what this monthly workshop is all about. A hands on practical workshop for photography enthusiast to gather together to learn, exchange experience, and have fun.

This a 2 hours studio photography workshop featuring aspiring freelance model with different lighting setup every month. All photographers get to experience the “how to” set up with our studio photographer on light sources. Achieving stunning photographs with simple lighting techniques and positioning.

This workshop is best for photographers who uses interchangeable lens camera and already have a basic understanding of their cameras.

This workshop include some imply topless and is rated as M18 (Restricted to 18 years and above)

Location: DStudioLab Photography

Fees: S$80.00 per photographer

Payment: i-banking or paypal

To register:

DStudioLab Photography Workshop

DStudioLab Photography Workshop

Inspirational quotes:

“I believe that every time I press the shutter, I create for myself.” ― David Beckstead

“The most important thing about photography is who you are, and I can go into depth about the psychology of that, but there’s no way you can take a photograph and not leave your imprint on it. Every time you hit the shutter it’s based on who you are, that’s what makes you different from every body else. My style is that I shoot from the heart, to the heart.” ― Joe Buissink

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” ―Elliot Erwitt

We were taught early on that the most important elements to a good photo are lighting, composition and emotion. All three make for a fantastic image. But we have learned that emotion trumps all.” ― Daniel and Lindsay Stark

DStudioLab Photography Workshop

DStudioLab Photography Workshop

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